A Value-Added Member Only Service! 

Master Builders of Iowa is excited to offer an education and training consulting service to assist member-firms with developing their workforce on a schedule and budget that works best for them at no charge. 

MBI's Strategic Training and Retention Tool, or MBI START is a new approach to employee development that takes into consideration planning, scheduling, delivering and tracking of the training that your employees need to grow within your company. 

Combining MBI's expertise in industry education with the contractor's knowledge of their workfoce, MBI START creates a customized plan that will benefit your company and each employee enrolled in the training plans. 


MBI START is a complimentary, no-charge consultation service designed to assist your company in the development and retention of your workforce. By being able to customize a training curriculum for each of your employees, this program allows you to develop your employees at the rate that best fits your company’s needs, while also giving employees assurances that their individual progress is central to their employer’s success.

Employee Retention

  • MBI START provides a basis for your retention strategies.  By utilizing an approach to customized training focused on an individual, a company can demonstrate to the employee the investments that are being made into their future.  This sends a strong signal to that employee that your company is playing for keeps and wants to see their employees succeed.

Employee Recruitment

  • Recruiting is another challenge for a commercial construction company.  MBI START is designed to arm MBI members with a development program that will be an attractive offering when recruiting talent.  It is a well-known fact that companies who promote education and training become attractive employers to prospects.

Use MBI START to Create Your Own Training Curriculum

  • MBI has a vast amount of education and training offerings that members have utilized over the years.  However, it is understood that there are a number of topics that MBI may not touch upon that are important to your company and its employees.  With MBI START, we can accommodate a company’s desire for training that is not currently offered by MBI and will commit to developing and delivering a high level program with top-notch presenters.

Who Should Participate

  • Office Staff | Field Staff | Warehouse Staff | Estimator | Field Surveyor | Project Engineer | Project Coordinator | Project Manager | Project Superintendent | Forman | Human Resources | Middle Company Management | Executive Company Management 

We have all heard the catchprase "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" and this is true in any team setting where results depend upon the efforts, knowledge, and skills of everyone in that unit. Your construction projects are dependent on the work of a large team with many moving parts, personalities, skillsets, and abilities. This being said, we encourage you to look at every aspect of your company to determine which individuals will grow from a structured training approach created through the use of MBI START. 

Available Training Topics

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Blueprint Reading
Computer Basics
Construction Finances
Contracts & Bonding
Corporate Culture
Customer Service
Document Technology
Field Safety
Heavy Equipment Operator
Human Resources               
Infection Control
Lock Out Tag Out
Mental Health
Mobile Crane Operator
Operational Excellence
OSHA 10 Hour - Construction
OSHA 30 Hour - ConstructionPersonal Effectiveness
Planning / Scheduling
Project Profits
Risk Management
Road Construction Safety
Safety Leadership
Sexual Harassment
Supervisor Drug Training
Workplace Violence