Job Description: This committee is responsible to measure member needs in the areas of education, training, and professional development. Information and data gathered is to be used for course curriculum for the Annual Winter Conference, Regional Membership Meetings, Training on Demand, as well as all other seminar offerings. The committee is also responsible for finding ways and means to subsidize, finance, and sponsor educational offerings.


Eric White

Eric White

  • Chair
  • Estes Construction
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Eric White

    Estes Construction

  • Matt Allen

    A.J. Allen Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

  • Scott Bahls

    Cedar Valley Steel, Inc.

  • Justin Bartling

    Boomerang Corp

  • Nate Belcher

    Hubbell Realty Co.

  • Jason Bersch


  • David Boes

    Turner Construction

  • Ben Brookman

    BuildingPoint Midwest

  • Matt Bulkeley

    Conlon Construction Co.

  • Nathan Burgod

    Elite Glass and Metal

  • Jason Ceretti

    Edge Commercial, LLC

  • Matt Chumbley

    Elder Corporation

  • Mark Davis

    WRH, Inc.

  • Seth Doman

    Conlon Construction

  • Mike Egenberger

    Estes Construction

  • Amy Fetters


  • Darrin Gillett

    Peters Construction Corp.

  • John Gilliland

    RBC Wealth Management

  • Mark Groth

    Paulson Electric Company

  • Joe Harris

    The Weitz Company

  • Terry Hatfield

    Story Construction Co.

  • Ashlie Hauf

    Story Construction Co.

  • Tracy Haus

    Baker Group

  • Dan Higgins

    Logan Contractors Supply

  • Bill Holland

    J B Holland Construction Inc.

  • Michael Huff

    Dean Snyder Construction

  • Chad Johnson

    Turner Construction Co.

  • Cole Jordan


  • Sean Larson

    Creative Planning Business Services

  • Vic Lilenthal

    Baker Group

  • Jameson Linn

    Acme Tools

  • James Machamer

    Neumann Brothers, Inc.

  • Nick Mathistad

    W.A. Klinger, LLC.

  • Chris McMullen

    Hubbell Construction Services LLC

  • Matt McSweeney

    TSF Structures, Inc.

  • Laura Merz

    Koester Construction Co.

  • TJ Meyerholz

    Ryan Companies

  • Josh Oberhoffer

    Conlon Construction Co.

  • Kris Pruismann

    Story Construction Co.

  • Jason Rechkemmer

    Woodruff Construction

  • Jerry Reicks

    Tri-State Drywall LLC

  • Chad Reineke

    Elder Corp

  • Heath Rinderknecht


  • Louie Ruggio

    Rinderknecht Associates Inc.

  • Nicole Schmidt

    Turner Construction Co.

  • Joe Skow

    Basepoint Building Automations

  • Justin Slapnicka

    Holmes Murphy & Associates, LLC

  • Jordan Stokes

    Ryan Companies US, Inc.

  • Colton Taylor

    The Weitz Company

  • Mark Thompson

    Neumann Brothers, Inc.

  • Josh Thrap

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Steve Utsler


  • Cole Van Ryswyk

    DCI Group

  • Brian Vize

    Conlon Construction

  • Corey Welberg

    Basepoint Building Automations

  • John Williams


  • Kip Wisco

    Baker Electric Inc.