Providing education for your workforce through MBI’s Training on Demand is much like anything else that is offered “on demand” …it provides a higher level of control, flexibility, and cost savings to the client or customer. In the case of MBI, members are able to request training at the time and location that is best suited for their situation factoring in workforce, schedules, budgets, project scope, and more.

A few popular scenarios for Training on Demand is “just in time” training to address upcoming project needs such as fall protection or a new technology; pre-scheduled leadership team meetings; and company-wide safety day to name a few.

Working with our safety partner Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. and a host of other trainers and speakers around the country, MBI is able to provide contractors with high level training on a multitude of topics. Whether you are looking for training for admin teams and HR or Project Managers and safety leaders…MBI can make it happen!!

In addition, MBI is able to provide Training on Demand either fully in person, fully virtual, or in a hybrid model where some attendees are in-person and others are connected to the class via Zoom or similar.

For additional information about the offerings and capabilities of MBI’s Training on Demand model, please contact Tara Rinehart atTRinehart@MBI.Buildor at (515) 657-4395.

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