SAVE Extension

MBI Position: Support a 20-year extension of current law that would continue the long-term source of SAVE funding for school infrastructure and security needs and property tax relief.

UNI ITC Center Project

MBI Position: MBI will assist the University of Northern Iowa in securing funding for this renovation and expansion project.

Protect RIIF Funds

MBI Position: RIIF Monies are necessary for infrastructure purposes and need to be protected and not diverted.

Alternative Project Delivery

MBI Position: MBI will advocate for increasing the use of alternative project delivery methods amongst all public owners except the Iowa DOT.

Tax Reform

MBI Position: MBI will support all efforts to reduce the tax burden on Iowa taxpayers that also do not impact current public funding streams necessary for infrastructure. Any tax related changes should also not stifle economic development and the business climate throughout all of Iowa.  

Future Ready Iowa

MBI Position: MBI continues to support the Future Ready Iowa Initiative and the funding it requires to bolster participation in the construction workforce and apprenticeship training. We will also continue to also seek synergies between state initiatives and MBI’s Build Iowa campaign.