Members of the Legacy Club are those MBI companies who are going above and beyond normal advocacy. This includes accomplishing all of the following in a calendar year:

  • Must have contributed an aggregate of $5,000 to the MBI-PAC amongst personal contributions from all employees;
  • Must have at least two (2) new employees contributing to the MBI-PAC that have not in the past (this can be any contribution);
  • Must have documented at least five (5) communications with lawmakers (emails, phone calls, and in-person visits all suffice).


2023 Legacy Club Members

  • Architectural Wall Systems / Seedorff Masonry, Inc.

    Architectural Wall Systems / Seedorff Masonry, Inc.

    Seedorff Masonry (SMI) and Architectural Wall Systems (AWS) have combined over 90 years of experience to create an intentional approach to the delivery of the building envelope. Success or failure of the exterior envelope is often determined very early in the design and construction process, and now Owners, Designers and Contractors have access to a single source solution.