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MBI-WORKS Endowment

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Master Builders of Iowa Workforce Opportunities Require Knowledge and Skills Endowment

The MBI-WORKS Endowment was created to offer resources to complement career education and workforce recruitment into the Iowa commercial construction industry. In total, the MBI Board of Directors have committed $5 million toward the establishment of MBI-WORKS Endowment.

The Endowment will take into consideration proposals that are focused on construction career advocacy, as well as other initiatives focused on creating interest in the commercial construction industry. The Board will solicit proposals and eventually provide funding for those that best fit the mission of the Endowment.

It is the goal of the Board of Directors of the Endowment to fund programs and projects that will create interest for young people to consider a career in construction. The Endowment will also undertake partnering efforts with schools to enhance their respective construction and industrial arts curriculums.

The Endowment is interested in attracting in-kind support from members of the Master Builders of Iowa to complement overall local and regional recruitment and career advocacy efforts, while also leveraging additional resources to increase exposure to construction careers.

It is the intent of the Endowment’s Board of Directors to solicit proposals from sources throughout Iowa that are focused on construction career engagement and advocacy. Proposals can come from a wide array of different sources, but must involve – to some degree - an MBI member company.

The Board of Directors will take into consideration many different factors in making award determinations. Factors like student engagement and outreach; in-kind support and other financial resources that will be leveraged; unique partnerships; new technology and approaches; and regional programs are examples of some of the decision making criteria.

Request for Proposal

The 2019 deadline for the submissions of proposal has passed. Please know that the MBI-WORKS Endowment will be offering up a new Request for Proposal next summer for MBI members to consider.

Thank you for your interest in the MBI-WORKS Endowment.