MBI-WORKS Endowment

MBI-WORKS Endowment

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Master Builders of Iowa Workforce Opportunities Require Knowledge and Skills Endowment

The MBI-WORKS Endowment was created to offer resources to complement career education and workforce recruitment into the Iowa commercial construction industry.  In total, the MBI Board of Directors have committed over $6 million toward the establishment of MBI-WORKS Endowment.

Funds from the Endowment have now leveraged over $1.84 million in workforce recruitment efforts in the past three years, most recently funding 4 different projects in 2022 across the state from Southeast Polk to Forest City to Northeast Iowa. This year’s Request For Proposal will be released on June 13th and will be due on Friday, September 16th, 2022. The MBI-WORKS Endowment Board will evaluate the applications for funding and make awards to those successful in December 2022 with the first round of payments in January 2023. 

Please check back to this page for newly released information and contact Adam DoBraska at ADobraska@MBI.Build for any questions about the MBI-WORKS Endowment.